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Adbit.biz is a Blockchain Empowered advertising network with a focus on the Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and DeFi industries. With Adbit you can reach a wide range of users through advertising on our fast growing publisher network. If you own a website or web application where you can host banner or text based ad units, you come become a Publisher and earn a cryptocurrency income for validated unique clicks. Setup is easy!

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History & Mission

Adbit is one of the oldest surviving cryptocurrency ad networks, with its roots going back to 2012. Although ownership of the network has changed hands a few times and it has gone through a dark period in recent years, it is now under new management with a new team and a reinvigorated mission -- to service the crypto community by offering blockchain empowered solutions for earning income as a publisher or influencer and to promote projects within the space.

With your help we can work together to grow the new decentralized internet economy.

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