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Earn ADBITS as an Affiliate with our Innovative Referral Program

Adbit offers an innovative Affiliate Referral Program where affiliates can earn ADBITS tokens, our native digital currency, by referring new advertisers or publishers to our platform. Here's how you can benefit from our Affiliate Referral Program and why you should consider joining. Earning ADBITS as an Affiliate We have allocated 100 million ADBITS tokens out of a total supply of 1 billion specifically for affiliate rewards. There are two ways to earn as an affiliate: Profit from the success of your referred publishers! When they withdraw their ADBITS rewards, you receive a generous 10% of the withdrawn amount. For instance, ...

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How to Earn ADBITS as an Advertiser and Why to Choose Adbit for Your Advertising Needs

Adbit presents a unique opportunity for advertisers to reach a diverse and engaged audience within the Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and DeFi sectors. Not only do you get to broadcast your brand across our expansive network of publishers, but you also earn ADBITS tokens with your ad credit purchases. Here's how you can benefit from advertising on Adbit and why you should consider joining our platform.   Earning ADBITS as an Advertiser We have allocated 200 million ADBITS tokens out of a total of 1 billion to be distributed to advertisers. For every $1 USD worth of ad credit purchased, you earn ...

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Unlock a Wealth of Opportunities as an Adbit Publisher

In the era of digital earning, Adbit presents a unique opportunity for publishers to earn ADBITS tokens. As an innovative rewards system, Adbit not only incentivizes for each impression and click generated by the ads on your platform but also offers a share from a fixed reward block. Here's how you can benefit from becoming an Adbit publisher and why you should consider joining our network.  Understand the Earning Potential With Adbit, every 10 minutes, 222 ADBITS tokens are distributed among all active publishers. The share you receive is based on the volume of impressions and clicks your ad spaces ...

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Connecting to Polygon Network and Registering ADBITS Token on Your MetaMask Wallet

MetaMask encompasses more than just Ethereum. It provides users with the capability to interact with a multitude of other blockchains, including Polygon. In this article, we'll guide you through the process of configuring your MetaMask wallet to support the Polygon network and registering the ADBITS token. Configuring MetaMask to Support Polygon Network 1. Open MetaMask Network Settings: Access your MetaMask account. From the account options, navigate to "Settings" and then to the "Networks" tab. 2. Add the Polygon Network: Click the "Add Network" button. You'll be directed to a new screen where you'll input the information to connect to the ...

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Easily Connect to Avalanche Network and Register ADBITS Token With Your Web3 Wallet

MetaMask, a popular Ethereum wallet, provides users with self-custody and the ability to extend its functionality beyond Ethereum to other EVM compatible blockchains. This guide will walk you through the process of adding the Avalanche C-Chain network to your MetaMask wallet, registering the ADBITS token, and claiming your balance from your account dashboard. Adding Avalanche Network to Your MetaMask Wallet Access Your MetaMask Wallet: Log into your MetaMask account and click on the Network drop-down menu. Choose 'Add network' from the options. 1. Choose Avalanche: A new window will display a list of predefined networks. Click 'Add' next to 'Avalanche'. ...

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Introducing ADBITS: Revolutionizing The Ad World With Blockchain

Hold on to your hats, crypto enthusiasts! We're thrilled to announce the launch of ADBITS, our new native platform token designed to disrupt the advertising industry. ADBITS is not just a token; it's the beating heart of the Adbit ecosystem, aiming to create a thriving tokenized economy, delivering high-quality traffic for advertisers and new revenue streams for publishers and website owners. The digital advertising sphere is a behemoth, and it's about time we brought some blockchain innovation to the table. With ADBITS, we're not just aiming for a piece of the pie. We're looking to reshape the whole industry, creating ...

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