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Earn ADBITS as an Affiliate with our Innovative Referral Program

August 23, 2023

Adbit offers an innovative Affiliate Referral Program where affiliates can earn ADBITS tokens, our native digital currency, by referring new advertisers or publishers to our platform. Here's how you can benefit from our Affiliate Referral Program and why you should consider joining.

Earning ADBITS as an Affiliate

We have allocated 100 million ADBITS tokens out of a total supply of 1 billion specifically for affiliate rewards. There are two ways to earn as an affiliate:

Profit from the success of your referred publishers! When they withdraw their ADBITS rewards, you receive a generous 10% of the withdrawn amount. For instance, if a publisher you referred withdraws 10,000 ADBITS, you receive an additional 1,000 ADBITS. You earn only when your referrals claim their rewards, ensuring that you are rewarded for creating unique on-chain ADBITS token holders.

Earn from your referred advertisers. For every $1 that your referred advertisers deposit as advertising credit, you earn 10 ADBITS. For instance, a $100 deposit by a referral can enrich your wallet with 1,000 ADBITS! Regular advertisers who make larger or more frequent deposits can lead to substantial rewards for you as an affiliate.

How to Become an Affiliate

To become an affiliate, simply create an account and head over to the Referrals page under your account dashboard. Here you will find a unique URL that you can share within your network. Each user that signs up via your link becomes a lifetime referral, offering you ongoing opportunities to earn.

Why Become an Adbit Affiliate?

By referring publishers and advertisers to our platform, not only do you earn ADBITS, you also contribute to the growth and success of our platform. The more value brought to our platform, the larger we can grow, and the more value and utility we can pack into the ADBITS token. This makes the rewards more valuable for all parties - publishers, advertisers, and affiliates alike. Our success is your success!

In addition to the earning potential, you can enjoy the versatility of ADBITS. Trade them for other cryptocurrencies, amplify their value through staking opportunities, or utilize them within our platform and community for a host of benefits.

We're committed to continually improving our program, with more features and better analytics for affiliates coming soon. Join our fast-growing network today and start capitalizing with ADBITS!

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