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Introducing ADBITS: Revolutionizing The Ad World With Blockchain

August 18, 2023

Hold on to your hats, crypto enthusiasts! We're thrilled to announce the launch of ADBITS, our new native platform token designed to disrupt the advertising industry. ADBITS is not just a token; it's the beating heart of the Adbit ecosystem, aiming to create a thriving tokenized economy, delivering high-quality traffic for advertisers and new revenue streams for publishers and website owners.

The digital advertising sphere is a behemoth, and it's about time we brought some blockchain innovation to the table. With ADBITS, we're not just aiming for a piece of the pie. We're looking to reshape the whole industry, creating a token of real value for every stakeholder.

Earn ADBITS, Reinvent the Game

Publishers: Say goodbye to traditional ad revenue models. With ADBITS, display ads, drive traffic, earn tokens. Simple as that.

Affiliates: Know some people? Bring active publishers and advertisers on board and get rewarded in ADBITS.

Advertisers: Get more than just ad spaces. Earn ADBITS as a thank you for buying ad credits and engaging with our platform.

What's more, ADBITS aren’t just another token. Trade them for other cryptocurrencies, stake them for extra rewards, redeem them for ad credits on the platform, and look forward to a growing list of perks and bonuses.

As we grow, both Adbit and ADBITS will embrace decentralization, eventually forming a DAO. We're building a community, not just a platform.

Blockchain Integration: It's Only The Beginning

From day one, ADBITS has hit the ground running. We're live on both the Polygon (MATIC) and Avalanche (AVAX C-Chain) blockchain networks, picked for their extensive ecosystems, lightning-fast confirmation times, and ultra-low transaction fees. And this is just the start. We have our sights set on other EVM-compatible chains, including the big ones: Ethereum mainnet and Binance Smart Chain.

The best part? The rewards system is live right now, and withdrawals are fully active. If you’re an existing Adbit user, remember to check your account. You might have a nice surprise waiting from our initial airdrop!

Token Distribution: Designed for Fairness

A total of 1 billion ADBITS will ever exist, distributed with fairness in mind:

50% Platform Rewards:

    - 200m to our publisher network. 222 ADBITS emissions every 10 minutes

    - 200m to advertisers for buying ad credit

    - 100m to affiliates for referrals

15% Staking and Yield Farming Rewards

5% Airdrops and Giveaways

20% Token Sales

10% Platform/Team-Owned

The Roadmap: Buckle Up!

While we can't give exact dates, we've charted out a clear roadmap:

- Token contracts deployed on Avalanche and Polygon networks - Complete

- Claimable airdrop distributed to qualifying accounts, withdrawals enabled - Complete

- Rewards system active for Publishers, Affiliates, and Advertisers - Complete

- Allow ADBITS to purchase ad credit at a discount - Complete

- Launch a cross-chain bridge for moving tokens

- Activate staking for additional rewards

- Create DEX swap pools with SushiSwap, and activate yield farming

- Boost ad priority with ADBITS and roll out more perks

- Bring more blockchain networks on board

- List ADBITS on centralized exchanges

- Start DAO development, and much more!

Join us on this game-changing journey to redefine the digital advertising industry and content monetization with blockchain. Sign up at today, and let's change the ad world together!

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