Network Campaigns

Don't want to bid on individual websites? Use our Network Campaigns feature to submit advertisements across the entire network!

Network campaign advertisements are distributed across all ad spaces with no current active bids and with the "network bids" option enabled.
Bids enter a "bidding pool" based on your advertisement size, with high traffic ad spaces given first to the highest bidders.
For publishers, network advertisements help maintain a more steady income.

The minimum daily bid for all network ads is 200000 satoshis

Network Bids

  • Participating Websites: 69
  • Available Ad Spaces: 114
  • Daily Ad Space Impressions: 93,858
  • Daily Ad Space Clicks: 668
  • # Active Bids: 0
  • Total Daily Bid: 0 < satoshis

Bidding Pool: 300*250px

  • # Websites: 15 [browse]
  • Available Ad Spaces: 16
  • Total Daily Impressions: 8,897
  • Total Daily Clicks: 29
  • # Network Bids: 0
  • Total Daily Bid: 0 < satoshis
Website Bid Per Day Estimated Share

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