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Join the Adbit network as a publisher and step into a new digital earning era. As a publisher, you're part of an innovative rewards system where you earn ADBITS tokens for every impression and click generated by the ads hosted on your website or web application.

Here's how it works: every 10 minutes, we distribute 222 ADBITS tokens among all active publishers. Your share of these tokens is determined by the volume of impressions and clicks your ad spaces have generated during that time block. Your earnings are a direct reflection of your performance compared to the overall network's activity.

Setting up with Adbit is a breeze. Register or log in, register your website domain, and wait for our team's approval. Once approved, you can create ad units in various standard sizes, embed the code on your platform, and watch the ads (and your earnings) roll in.

With Adbit, you hold the reins. Customize the ads on your platform and ensure they're relevant and valuable to your audience.

Once you've earned the minimum threshold of ADBITS tokens, you can claim them and request a withdrawal to your Ethereum-compatible wallet. Use your ADBITS tokens to exchange for other cryptocurrencies, stake them for additional rewards, or unlock other platform utilities (more options coming soon!).

Join the Adbit network today and unlock a wealth of opportunities!

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